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Good deeds add up

Good deeds add up

Good deeds add up

Good deeds add up


Back to school is always a busy time, but it can be a great opportunity to teach kids about giving back. After the freedom of summer, it’s a return to schedules and routines for families. To demonstrate the importance of helping out our neighbors, consider finding a weekly or monthly volunteer activity for your kids.

Whether it’s visiting a nursing home, doing yardwork and chores for homebound people, or tutoring younger children, there are a ton of options right in your community. Your child can choose whatever interests them, and doing these good deeds teaches kids empathy, teamwork, and goal setting. It’s also a chance for them to meet new people and learn from different groups and organizations they might not have otherwise.

Giving back to our communities has always been central to our mission as a local community bank. And, to recognize our 30th anniversary, we’re hosting a 30 Good Deeds Campaign through December 2021. In keeping with August’s seasonal theme, and with the extra cost families take on with a new academic year, we’re holding a Back to School Supply Drive at the bank. If your family would like to contribute, please consider bringing in school supply items for our collection. Through August 31, 2021, when your child brings in an item, they’ll receive a treat. And, keep an eye out for what we’ll collect during different drives every month.

With so many ways to give back, it’s an exciting time of year for kids to have fun trying new activities. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out your local community center, places of worship, and notice boards to see what nonprofits or events are looking for volunteers. Or, ask your neighbors and fellow families in the area for ideas. Together, we’ll make a difference!

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