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Young savers, here’s how to feel more confident with banking

Young savers, here's how to feel more confident with banking

Young savers, here’s how to feel more confident with banking

Young savers, here's how to feel more confident with banking


Understanding how banks work and how to manage your money can seem intimidating and full of acronyms–what’s a CD or an IRA? Unless your school offers a financial education class, it can be challenging to find a complete source of information and build a strong financial foundation. 

And, at school, there’s so much pressure to always have the newest devices or clothes. But tech and new styles are expensive, and maybe you should save more than you spend. How do you sort out all these money questions? 

Don’t worry, we’re here with the tips and tools that will help you feel confident in navigating banking and money management, so you can focus on what really matters to you.

Let’s break it down. We all need money to live and buy things in the world, and the safe place to keep that money is in the bank. But even though banks offer cookies and coffee, it can seem intimidating to know what to do. 

One way to gain self-confidence is to join our Junior Savers Club and open a Junior Savers Account, which are designed for kids under age 22. It’s a fun program with contests and giveaways, but you also learn the fundamentals by practicing with your own account and own money. This hands-on opportunity helps you feel more empowered about asking questions and trying new activities, like writing checks or depositing your first paycheck. Our bankers are there to answer anything you may be wondering, so it’s a low-pressure setting to learn and grow. You can even ask a banker to give you a tour of the bank or to teach you how to use the coin counting machine, a valuable skill if you want to turn your change into dollars. 

With your new account, you might feel unsure of how much to spend or save, and that totally makes sense. It’s hard to budget, but learning to set positive goals for yourself is another way to boost your financial self-esteem. If you have a part-time job, sell clothes and items online, or babysit, a banker can help you figure out what’s a good amount to save. Then you can spend the other part how you want, but still have some money in the bank, which is a great way to feel more confident about managing your money. 

With all the ads on Instagram and cool new products dropping, it can be easy to get wrapped up in measuring your self-worth by the stuff you have. It’s a big part of American culture and hard to avoid, but if you remember that you’re more than your things, you’ll feel a lot less stressed and more fulfilled in your life. We need money to live, but it doesn’t define who people are, at either end of the wealth spectrum. If you like to listen to podcasts, read books and magazines, or watch movies, chances are these are themes you’ve seen before. So, just remember to take the long view with money because you’re enough as you are. And, being savvy with your money now while working toward your future dreams will have you feeling like a million bucks.

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