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Our FDIC-insured Savings Accounts are variable-rate interest-bearing accounts. Please select a product below for more information.

Junior Savers Club Account™

Our Junior Savers Club Account™ teaches children and young adults 18 and under the rewards of saving while making banking FUN!

We believe learning to save should start at an early age. That's why we've developed a Junior Savers Club™—to help kids understand the value of money and make saving FUN! Our exclusive Junior Savers Club Account is a Passbook Savings Account designed to teach children and young adults 18 and under the rewards of saving.

In addition to learning one of life's most valuable lessons, Junior Savers will receive:

  • A Personalized passbook with identification as a Junior Savers Club member
  • A special JSC Bank to inspire daily at-home saving
  • Our exclusive "Treats Dollar" gift certificate each time the account balance exceeds its previous high balance by $50. Certificates may be redeemed at local participating merchants
  • Extra savings to be sure your account grows—all regular account service charges are waived for Junior Savers
  • And lots of other great goodies and fun activities for Junior Savers. You’ll be sent frequent invites to fun Junior Savers Club events and contests
  • Transaction limitations may apply

Older kids can also benefit. Whether it's a college education or a state-of-the-art stereo system, the Junior Savers Club can help you set goals and develop financial responsibility. Your personal banker will work closely with you and your parents to structure an individual savings program that meets your objectives.

Teaching kids how to save. It's all part of our commitment to bring traditional community banking back to the community.

To Open This Account

Please come in and visit one of our personal bankers to open this account.

Christmas Club Account

  • Your account earns interest which is paid annually
  • Statements are sent monthly
  • A check is sent in early November for the balance in the account
  • Transaction limitations may apply